Stones are supporting and invigorating about their ethereal, minerals, light, and colors. In gemstones appear basic vibration patterns, they carry programmed information in itself and can trigger changes in humans. As a carrier of light correspond the gems with the forces of heaven and earth, channeling this energy and give it to us. The interaction of so many forces makes the gems to a very valuable assistance for our wellbeing and our development.


So you will find the right stone for you

  • with the help of a pendulum or tensor
  • choose intuitive and unconsciously: "Right," is always the stone which responds - appears reassuringly, soothing and feels comfortable. Check out which stone you notice spontaneous, which directs your look involuntarily to it. So you can also choose stones for your loved ones by thinking firmly to the person and following your intuition 

Application of stones 

  • use them as palm stones, so the energy of the stones is taken directly from the hand chakras
  • Gemstones worn as jewelry, the energy of the wearer is influenced by skin contact
  • Gemstonewater: Laying energetically cleaned stones for 10 hours in a pitcher of water. The gemstone water can then be drunk in sips distributed throughout the day, or give it for a while to the houseplants and watch what happens. Refresh the water every day!

It is useful to clean stones after the new acquisition and after use. Stones can be cleaned mentally, but also under cold running water. Charge the gems energetically after cleaning, by putting them in the sun for a few hours. 


To chose your angel caller follow also your intuition!

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